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Adhesive utdoor thermometer-anthracite-210/18mm



Window thermometer. At both ends it has adhesivie tape which allows to attach the thermometer at the window frame made of plastic, aluminium or wood. Additionally, the holders have special gap which can be used if you wish to screw the thermometer. The scale is printed on a paper placed in a glass pipe, both ends secured with platic corks.
Temperature range from -50°C to +50°C
Error tolerance up to +/- 1°C
Colour: brown or white.
Bore of tube filled with toluene, kerosene and dyeing substance.


The thermometer can be attached at both sides of the window, left or right. Attach to the frame.

Do not place the thermometer in a place which is directly exposed to sun. It can cause fading of the printing. Direct exposure to sun may cause temperature increase to over 50°C, the liquid will expand and may cause the damage of the capillary.


Symbol: 020205
VAT Rate: 23%
Width of the product: 5.0cm
Depth of the product: 2.2cm
Height of the product: 21.3cm
4.44 PLN
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