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Turbo Potato Yeast per 25 L - 25 g


High-alcohol distillery yeast and nutrients for the fermentation of potato bases. Quick and pure fermentation (6-9 days), 13-15% of alcohol and a characteristic taste of home made potato vodka! It is good to aim for a classic distillate of own production which will emphasise the exceptional character of feasting and social meetings.

A recipe for 25 litres.
Prepare the mash - boil 12 kg of unpeeled potatoes and 15 litres of water until the potatoes overcook. Blend and liquidise with 4 g of alpha-amylase (in accordance with the instruction on the package). Cool down to 30°C and add the contents of TURBO POTATO yeast sachet. After 15 minutes stir carefully, add approximately 3 kg of sugar and ferment in the temperature of 20-28°C. After 3-5 days you may add another portion of sugar in the amount of about 1-1.5 kg and continue fermentation until CO2 emission stops. Once the fermentation is complete, decant the liquid to separate it from larger unblended parts of yeast sediment and then subject it to double distillation. Store the distillate in dry location at room temperature.

Distillery yeast, mineral nutrient, glucoamylase, vitamin B1.

Made in EU
Net weight: 25 g


Symbol: 403400
VAT Rate: 23%

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