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Frame press 12l


Product description: press has wooden construction, the bolts and arms are made of steel but it does not have any contact with the fruit. Set contains: screw, support bar, plastic cap, busket, protective foil, filtration sack, plastic cover for stool, stool with two rods, wooden blocks for the sack, extra plastic cap The press is for juicing prepared fruit (mashed with Pektopol) or pre-fermented. On the stool inside the bucket place the blocks (3 pieces) in order to maxsimize the soaking surface. Under opposite to juice flow legs put 2 blocks in order to tilt the stool which will help the juice to flow. Wrap the bucket with the foil on the outside. Put the sack in the bucket and fill it in with the fruit mash. Roll the edges of the sack and press it with the piston. Place the end of the screw in the piston till it is possible to put the arms underneath the rod and we can start pressing.


Symbol: 810012
VAT Rate: 23%
Width of the product: 32.0cm
Depth of the product: 34.0cm
Height of the product: 83.0cm

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