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Keg Liqueur Maker's Dream - 1l


Keg Liqueur Maker's Dream of the capacity of 1 L is a proposition for liqueur lovers wishing to have a handy access to their favourite liquor, and to taste it at any convenient moment. This keg is great for placing it on a table or in a mini-bar, as well as taking it for a short trip to the country, or an intimate picnic (of course, only under the condition that a driver prepared for sacrifices can be found, if driving is involved...)

After filling it with liqueur, the keg is sealed with a cork, and a functional tap allows for comfortable pouring. It is made of clear, thick glass with an embossed pattern of grape vines. It can be placed on its specially shaped "belly," as well as on a wooden stand that makes it all presentable, and pouring is more comfortable.


Symbol: 635516
VAT Rate: 23%
Width of the product: 12.5cm
Depth of the product: 21.0cm
Height of the product: 16.5cm

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