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Spicy ham from pressure ham cooker

Ham is a very popular type of processed meat. Unfortunately, we often have doubts with regard to the quality of processed meat purchased at stores, as it contains a lot of unnecessary and unhealthy additives.
We have a solution thanks to which you will prepare delicious ham on your own, at your own home. With a pressure ham cooker, this is basically child’s play, while the results are extremely delicious. If you enjoy spicy dishes, this recipe is something for you!


  • 1 kg ham
  • 3 g saltpetre
  • 80 g salt
  • 1 L cold water
  • casing with spicy seasoning

How to make ham in pressure ham cooker


Prepare the brine by mixing water with saltpetre and salt.
Inject thoroughly some of the brine prepared into the washed meat and leave it to cure in the remaining brine for 4 days, in a refrigerator. The ham should be fully immersed in brine.

Afterwards, remove the meat from brine, dry it with a paper towel and wrap it in the seasoned casing. The casing should adhere to the meat with its seasoned side. If necessary, cut the casing appropriately to the shape of a given meat piece.

Place the ham in the pressure ham cooker, close it tightly and put it into a pot with water.

When using a pressure ham cooker with a water jacket, make sure that the water level is sufficient for scalding - it is marked on the inner side of the pot.

Place one thermometer in a container with water, and put the other into the meat in the pressure ham cooker. The ham should be scalded until the temperature of 68℃ is achieved inside the meat.

After this happens, remove the pressure ham cooker from water and leave it to cool down, and then leave it overnight in a refrigerator for the meat to set.

On the next day, remove the meat from the pressure ham cooker. To facilitate this action, pour hot water over the pressure ham cooker, but in such a manner as not to allow it to get inside. Remove the ham and take the casing off it. The seasoning will remain on the meat.

Now your homemade spicy ham is finished!

Bon appétit! ...because homemade is better!