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Airborne falcon shaped repeller


Airborne falcon shaped repeller effectively scares away birds, rodents and small mammals. It is made of robust and durable plastic resistant to adverse weather conditions and UV radiation.
Falcon is a very faithful imitation of a real bird of prey, both in terms of appearance and size.
It protects trees, shrubs, vegetable beds and lawns against birds that feed in the garden or on the allotment. It helps to maintain cleanliness in buildings, on roofs, balconies, window sills and garden ponds. Thanks to its design the figurine may be hung in any place.
Apart from being useful, it makes a great embellishment for the garden, window or terrace. This environmentally friendly and humane method of scaring away birds is often used in connection with acoustic deterrence system. The efficacy of such deterrence is much higher in such a combination.


Symbol: 731010
"Stawka VAT": 23%
Szerokość produktu: 52.9cm
Głębokość produktu: 35.5cm
Wysokość produktu: 8.0cm
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