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Construction foil for doors - anti-dust


The foil tightly protects against dust as well as paint and varnish smell. The top quality of the foil ensures proper light transmittance. A double-sided zip fastener ensures opening and closing with ease, whereas a fixing tape ensures easy installation and removal. Foil dimensions (120 x 220 cm) allow adaptation to all typical-sized doorways. The foil is characterised by durability and may be used multiple times. Installation Attach the foil to the door frame or the wall and cut, if needed, to fit the width of the doorway. After finishing the refurbishment, peel off the fixing tape. Dried and cleaned, the foil may be reused. Apart from the foil with a zip fastener, the set includes a fixing tape.


Symbol: 731400
"Stawka VAT": 23%
Szerokość produktu: 120.0cm
Głębokość produktu: 0.5cm
Wysokość produktu: 220.0cm

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