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GARDEN FIRE PIT 60 cm diameter


A garden furnace combines a decorative function with the possibility of preparing delicious meals directly from the fire. It is an artisanal product, made in Poland using the highest quality materials. The fire pit is equipped strong feet and a collar for easy carrying. It is perfectly suited for setting in the garden, on an open terrace, as well as in the open area of a hotel, restaurant, bar or pub. It will also work perfectly well in a leisure and holiday centre and other such areas. The BROWIN fire tripod with spinning wheel and grill are recommended purchases in the set with the fire pit.


Symbol: 330450
"Stawka VAT": 23%
Szerokość produktu: 71.0cm
Głębokość produktu: 71.0cm
Wysokość produktu: 20.4cm

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