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Kitchen scales Grape - electronic


In household food processing, quality is something one must scale up to, and in many cases it’s the scales that produce quality. Homemade foods require passion, knowledge, experience, and precision. The wonderful smells spreading in the kitchen, the most excellent pastries, family time with a delicious hunk of bread and homemade marmalade… Yum!

Every chef desires a workplace that stirs imagination and harmonises with their personality. With our new kitchen scales, you’ll be able to express yourself and your passion not only through the palate, but also through the design of your equipment. Pick one for yourself!

Foods, wines, and liqueurs, are the specialty of both Strawberry and Grape. Rustic style mixed with urban chic will add flavour to any kitchen.

To bakers, we recommend our Bakehouse, so they never forget the right measure of flour.

Are you a confectioner? Doughnut will be your friend for the long hours both experimenting, and recreating trusted mom’s recipes.

So which one are you moving in with?

Technical data:
  • maximum load of 5kg
  • measurement accuracy 1g
  • mass measurement in selected units:
    • g - grams
    • kg - kilograms
    • oz - ounces
    • lb - pounds
  • tarring function
  • automatic shutdown
  • non-slip pads
  • LCD display
  • can be hanged
  • battery included


Symbol: 320214
"Stawka VAT": 23%
Szerokość produktu: 15.3cm
Głębokość produktu: 22.0cm
Wysokość produktu: 1.7cm

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