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Fermented coffee WHAT A COFFEE!, 100G


The only cold sparkling home-made coffee! Feel the taste of coffee bubbles! Behold an exceptional beverage that tastes great and... sparkles. With love, from the city of Łódź. Fermented coffee - for real connoisseurs. Original recipe and sensation.

Product not intended for immediate ingestion.
Recipe for home-made fermented coffee
Serving (101 g) for 5 litres of fermented coffee-based refreshing beverage.
- ground roasted coffee (included),
- baking yeast (included),
- 5 litres of water,
- 300 g of sugar,

1. Pour the package contents into 5 litres of water, bring to boil, and cook for 10 minutes on low heat.
2. Add 300 g of sugar and stir thoroughly.
3. Filtrate the liquid through gauze or a linen cloth.
4. Cool it down to 25°C.
5. Add the contents of the attached pouch of baker's yeast. Leave for 10-15 minutes for the yeast to hydrate, then stir.
6. Transfer the liquid into plastic bottles, up to 2/3 of their height, then squeeze each bottle so the liquid fills them up to the neck (the yeast will expand the bottles as it works), then screw the seal on.
7. Conduct the fermentation at room temperature for 2-3 days, then move the coffee to a cooler space. Keep track of the carbonation inside the bottle during fermentation - if it's too high (the bottle can't be squeezed), degas it gently.
8. The completed coffee can be stored in a fridge for a maximum of a week.


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