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KLAR-ZYME- fining agent for difficult wines


KLAR-ZYME is an efficient enzymatic product with dual use: - Added after completed fermentation process, it facilitates wine clarification (especially with wines made of plums, pumpkin, bananas, etc.); - Added before the fermentation process, especially to the batch made of plums, pumpkin or bananas, it facilitates extracting juice from the fruit. Time of the enzymatic treatment (juice pressing): 24 hours. Wine clarification time with the use of KLAR-ZYME: 5-7 days, depending on the amount of cloudiness in the wine. How to use: 1. Dilute the enzymatic product with water. Take 1 portion of the product for 10 portions of water. 2. Add it to the must or wine. 3. Stir carefully and leave it covered in a warm place: for 1 day to extract juice from fruit and for 5-7 days to clarify the wine, depending on the amount of cloudiness. 4. Squeeze out the juice or pour out the wine leaving the sediment. KLAR-ZYME works best at a temperature between 30 and 35°C, and it is most active when pH level is 4.5.


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