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Homemade pâté in a jar


Pâté in a jar is recommended for busy persons. Thanks to pasteurisation, you can prepare a larger supply of it that you will be able to store for a longer period. The velvety consistency and the aroma and flavour of this pâté will make it your favourite addition to savoury breakfasts and suppers, as well as snacks. Learn our recipe and take part in this culinary adventure!

Chop the meat and the bacon and cook it together with allspice, bay leaves and onion. Once the meat is cooked, remove it. Discard the onion. Top up the broth with boiling water, up to 1.2 L. Scald the liver in the broth (without cooking it) – it can also be added raw. After removing the liver, pour the semolina and mix it in well. Grind the meat and the liver through a fine mesh plate. Add semolina and seasonings and use a mixer at high RPM for a few minutes. Nothing should be cold and you should perform all the actions efficiently, one after another. Move the pâté to jars, clean their edges, close them and pasteurise them by putting them into boiling water for half an hour. Repeat the pasteurisation on the second day.

Note! Store the pâté jars in a cool place!

Discover an alternative to home baked pate! The pate in the jar will not only delight you with its taste, but also make it easier to store and allow you to enjoy the taste for longer! We will tell you how to make homemade pate in a jar - check us out!

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