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132329 346 ml glass jar with colored lid and jar pusher plate 6pcs
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Turbo ReVOLTa yeast 5-7 days
​An indispensable product - a specially selected mixture of yeast, yeast nutrients and vitamins for a fast and clean fermentation process ensures perfect clarification in a very short time!Perfect for...
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Twist off lid Ø66 , fruits 2 graphic- 10 pcs.
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Jar pusher plate
Discover the magic of processing - the pusher plate is a small device that makes a real revolution in your kitchen. It will help you rediscover the magic of making home-made preserves! The pusher plat...
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Bayanus yeast + nutrient - universal for all types of wine, 17 g
For strong 21 % wines -this universal yeast and nutrient set allows conducting fermentation up to 21% alcohol content when using three appropriate doses of sugar.​The valued Saccharomyces Bayanus st...
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Turbo X-Pure 21.3% yeast for 100 L, 360 g
​High strength - Turbo X-Pure is high quality yeast for high alcohol content batches. Thanks to its high resistance to alcohol, the yeast and nutrient mixture employed sustains fermentation until 21.3...
5,32 EUR