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631540 Land of Ice 1 L bottle with a cork, 4 pcs
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Pressing element - strainer for preserves, brine pickles and vinegar - Ø 82-66
Discover the magic of processing - the pusher plate is a small device that makes a real revolution in your kitchen. It will help you rediscover the magic of making home-made preserves! The pusher plat...
0,34 EUR
480 ml water bottle, infusion liqueur bottle, juice bottle
A glass bottle for water, fruit or vegetable juice, light ciderini, mead, infusion liqueur, wine or fruit stews, or used as a stylish vase full of flowers or filled only with sunrays? This elegant con...
0,82 EUR
346 ml twist-off jar with black lids - 6 pcs
Universal - for jams, powidl, compotes, desserts, and also vegetable and meat preserves. These classic screw lids fit the jars irrespective of what they hold!Rust-proof lids – the jars come with durab...
4,20 EUR
Plastic funnel Ø20cm for carboys and gallons
A Ø20 cm funnel with a high rim, made specially for demijohns, thanks to a specially designed neck it is also compatible with buttons having smaller diameters.High rim – do not worry about spilling yo...
2,79 EUR
Natural pork casings 28/30mm, 15m
Perfect for homemade cold cuts -the natural pork casings are suitable for consumption and are the basic ingredient used in the home production of sausages.High quality and safety -the natural pork cas...
4,78 EUR