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132329 346 ml glass jar with colored lid and jar pusher plate 6pcs
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Cooking bags for 1,5 kg press ham maker / cooker - 20 pcs.
High quality -these pressure ham cooker bags are made of strong transparent foil with thickness of 0.04. They are resilient, resistant to tearing, and suitable for scalding temperature of ...
7,12 zł
Twist off lid Ø 82, grid graphic - 10 pcs
A click-type twist off lid for all kinds of applications, enabling checking whether the jar has not become unsealed. It is perfect for sealing homemade vegetable, fruit, and meat preserves. The l...
4,02 zł
Jute twine 100 m x 1,5 mm
Jute is a natural material of plant origin, 100% ecological and biodegradable. Thanks to its natural and neutral structure it is broadly used in plant nurseries as a protection and support f...
1,80 zł
TURBO YEAST X-PURE - active dried yeast with yeast nutrient
Turbo X-Pure 21.3 % yeast is the only yeast on the market that sustain fermentation until 21.3 % alcohol content.Important characteristics: An innovative product – Turbo X-Pure is high quality yeast ...
8,89 zł
Plant watering spheres - 2 pcs
Plant watering spheres, transparent, 2 pcs - 360 ml, shatterproof, for flowers and pot plants​For flowers and pot plants - these watering spheres will be perfect for home cultivation of plants, ensuri...
11,53 zł