Browin Blog - Indoor and outdoor thermometers are small devices with a great deal of power!

Indoor and outdoor thermometers are small devices with a great deal of power!


According to a study by a UK company that installs heating boilers and thermostats, 4 in 10 women secretly turn up the temperature behind their partner's back. Meanwhile, Dutch researchers announced that 30 percent of couples argue because the temperature at their home is too low or too high. Thermometers... While launching their new models is not a hot topic, we would like to warm up their image a little. Let’s have a little read!

What is this temperature all about?

When Anders Celsius built his first thermometer in 1742, he surely knew even then that temperature has a fundamental impact on human life. It is largely one of the factors determining whether we are healthy, feel comfortable and have the will to act. Temperature surrounds us on all sides and accompanies us in every moment of our existence. Do we have it under control? Unfortunately, this varies...

According to the report from the opinion poll entitled “Adjusting the temperature at home", carried out by Millward Brown SMG / KRC Poland SMG / KRC as part of the "Every degree matters" educational campaign, Poles overwhelmingly believe that it is worth monitoring indoor temperature. As many as 94% of respondents believe that temperature influences the comfort of the household members, while 91% notice its impact on health in children. In practice, however, we often forget to check the measurements indicated by our thermometers, exposing ourselves to unnecessary problems.

Indoor temperature

According to general recommendations, the temperature of the room in which we are staying should remain between 18 and 26°C, but everyone experiences thermal comfort, i.e. thermal balance, differently. If we can achieve it, our body’s thermal regulation system is not overstressed and we neither get cold nor sweat – which is a perfect state that allows the body to rest and relax effectively. What temperature we stay in also has a direct impact on our performance. So if you feel your focus dropping and have trouble concentrating, try lowering the temperature in the room slightly. Thanks to this simple procedure, the sluggishness should quickly pass and your minds will enter a decidedly higher gear. When doing sedentary work, you should ensure that the temperature on room thermometers does not exceed 22°C.

Indoor and outdoor thermometers are small devices with a great deal of power!

The Ever-Cold Hands Club versus the Windblown Scarf Association? How can one not go crazy with the temperature outside?

Too cold, too warm - it’s almost too much to handle! Particularly during the period from late autumn to early spring. Fortunately, there is a way of handling it, and it is all thanks to a small, simple device – the outdoor thermometer. Before you leave the house, take a peek outside the window and check the temperature on your thermometer there. With such a simple but effective strategy, you will avoid unnecessarily cooling your body or overheating it.

Be friendly to the environment and have temperature under control!

...because homemade is better!