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A smoke generator with ash pan – fit for the needs of enthusiasts of homemade smoked products who are looking for a possibility to create delicious and aromatic meat, fish or cheese, prepared without compromises and healthier thanks to lack of any unnecessary chemical additives. Using a smoke genera... more >







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A smoke generator with ash pan – fit for the needs of enthusiasts of homemade smoked products who are looking for a possibility to create delicious and aromatic meat, fish or cheese, prepared without compromises and healthier thanks to lack of any unnecessary chemical additives. Using a smoke generator ensures excellent quality and efficiency of the smoking process. With this innovative smoke generate, cold and warm/hot smoking will be an efficient and stylish method of getting professionally smoked products. 

You can install the generator either on a large or small smoker. The tests were carried out with a smoker with capacity of 300 L.


Universal smoke generator made of stainless steel, for any smoker -this robust and weatherproof smoke generator can be fitted to a steel, wooden or brick smoker. 

  • Innovative smoke generator nozzle - its design with appropriately bevelled ends, special angled tube and connectable pump ensures perfect, stable blowing of smoke into the smoker and high efficiency with low chip consumption. The nozzle is introduced into the smoker at an angle that increases smoke flow and helps minimise the build-up of sediment clogging typical tubes while the wood chips are burning slowly. The air injection pump is connected via a hose to an angled tube integrated with the nozzle.
  • Innovative ash pan - by using the ash pan you ensure a convenient continuity of the smoking process. This process can continue without interruption as the burnt-out wood chips are removed and do not clog the cylinder.
  • Simple installation and dismantling - the design solutions employed allow the generator to be quickly and easily connected to the smoker and prepared for use (as well as dismantled). At the same time, the appropriate airtightness of the device during production of smoke is ensured.
  • Capacious cylinder - allows placing about 450 g of wood chips (size 8-12) in the generator. Such an amount of wood chips is sufficient for several hours of smoking without having to top them up.
  • Easy cleaning - the smoke generator can be easily taken apart and cleaned without having to unscrew its base from the smoker and without using any tools.
  • High-performance electric pump with airflow control to optimise wood chip burning efficiency - forget about hanging wood chips! Thanks to the pump's positioning on a dedicated mounting base, the vibrations generated by the pump are directly transmitted to the combustion chamber, improving chip settling during the burning process. The pump output can be adjusted by means of a switch and the knobs on the reducing valve, adapting the amount of smoke to the needs and volume of the smoker.


Patented by the Browin company.

This smoke generator is made in Poland. 

The generator can be mounted on either side of the smoker, as required.


The smoke generator is equipped with a 5 W electric black pump with a capacity of 2x3.5 L/min.


Its thoughtful, patented design enables combining the small form factor of the generator with high efficiency, low wood chip consumption and possibility of adjusting the amount of smoke generated using the pump according to one’s needs and the capacity of the smoking chamber. The smoke generator has been made of high-quality stainless steel, thanks to which it can be used for smoking in various weather conditions. The cylinder is closed with a wooden lid, which ensures proper smoke circulation and protects the chips during the burning process (e.g. against raindrops). The long (4 m) hose can be cut into sections needed to connect the pump to the smoke generator nozzle.

Filling the generator full enables providing smoke to the smoker continuously for about 3-4 hours, without having to add wood chips frequently. While you can use wood chips of various size withe smoke generator, we recommend using those fragmented to 8-12 mm pieces, as it allows achieving the best quality of smoke insider the smoker.


The innovative nozzle of the smoke generator is shorter than on typical smoker models and bevelled on both sides – on one of them at an angle that makes it easier for smoke to be released in the smoker, and on the other at an angle that protects the nozzle from clogging with wood chips. The nozzle is introduced into the smoker at an appropriate angle, increasing the flow of smoke from the wood chips burnt. The nozzle only passes through part of the wood chip burning chamber, which allows for ideal smoke aspiration while also protecting the nozzle adequately from clogging when the wood chips are burnt.


The application of the ash pan significantly improves the efficiency and convenience of using the smoke generator. It enables the generator to run continuously from the start to the end of the smoking process, without having to take breaks to remove the ash left from the burnt chips. Thanks to its design, the ash pan also allows the air supply to be regulated through the side openings in the cylinder, thus avoiding excessive burning of the chips.


The use of a high-performance pump and its placement on the suitably elongated base of the smoke generator allows vibrations from the pump to be transmitted to the body of the feed chamber, which improves the flow of chips during the burning process and increases the efficiency of smoking. Precise adjustment of amount of the smoke generated makes it possible to avoid making the products too acidic.


The design of the smoke generator allows it to be easily and quickly installed and dismantled, and also makes cleaning very easy. The device can be easily taken apart and cleaned without having to unscrew its base from the smoker and without using any tools.


The openings located in the bottom part of the cylinder allow easy ignition of wood chips and ensure proper access to oxygen.

To make use of the possibility to regulate the air access, position the ash pan in such a way that the two lateral vertical vanes obscure the aforementioned openings (called inspection openings) in the cylinder to the desired degree. By restricting the air supply you will avoid excessive burning out of the wood chips.


In Browin's product range you can find wood chips dedicated to particular product types, which are ideal for smoking meat, fish or cheese.


Please note! Only dry wood chips should be used (their maximum moisture content should be no more than 11%). The use of wood chips that are too wet will disrupt or even prevent the proper operation of the smoke generator.


Prior to using the smoke generator, please familiarise yourself with its user manual included in the set. Please also refer to the instructions for connection and use of the dragON Air pump, included in a separate pump packaging.


Cleaning: Clean the generator after each smoking session, especially inside, so that it is fully ready for the next use and ensures the correct flow of smoke. Do not use any sharp tools that could damage elements of the device.


Contents of the set: 

  • wooden lid
  • cylinder (feeding chamber body) of the smoke generator, made of stainless steel 304
  • ash pan and tray with a handle (stainless steel)
  • electric pump (5 W)
  • smoke generator nozzle with angled tube
  • stainless steel installation base
  • connection kit (T-piece, valve, silicone hoses)
  • M8 stainless washer - 4 pcs
  • M8x40 stainless bolt - 2 pcs (for wall thickness of 3 cm; if the wall thickness is greater, it is necessary to use bolts of appropriate type)
  • M8 stainless nut - 2 pcs 
  • user manual
  • pack of wood chips for smoking


Smoke generator size after assembly:

  • height: 383 mm
  • width: 153 mm
  • length: 362 mm
  • smoke tube diameter: 20 mm


Tip - which smoking method to choose?

Smoking methods:

  • cold smoking
  • warm/hot smoking
  • smoking with roasting (characteristic for BBQ)


Cold smoking: It usually takes place in the temperature of up to 25⁰C and takes from several hours to 14 days. The smoke density used depends on the needs. Usually, its flow rate should be within the range of 6 - 15 m/min. This method of smoking is used mainly for products that are supposed to be stored for a long time or matured, as the smoke penetrates the product deeply and preserves it slowly. The products smoked using this method dry uniformly. It also provides excellent results in the case of long-term maturing. 


Warm/hot smoking: It consists in using smoke with temperature of more than 25⁰C on the product. Here we can distinguish two upper temperature limits adopted – smoking up to about 45⁰C is called warm smoking, and up to 60⁰C - hot smoking. In case of hot smoking, we can roast the products inside the smoker by raising the temperature in the smoking chamber even up to 80-90⁰C. 


Smoking with roasting: In case of roasting, it is possible to disconnect the smoke generator and process the products using temperature only. 


Irrespective of the type of smoking you select, remember that it is the final process, and the basis consists in properly preparing the products for smoking and drying them very well prior to it (or, alternatively, additionally drying them in the smoker). It is a crucial stage that has a positive impact on the quality of smoked products and prevents their acidification. 

dragON Jet 2 smoke generator with a dragON Air electric pump

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