Alcohol content measurement


Specialist laboratory test.Parameter: Alcohol [%]​Method, device: Distillate density measurement, oscillation-type density meterOIV standard: OIV-MA-AS312-01AType of products examined: wine/cider/beer and other liquor.Sample volume:500 mlThe research report is issued in the English language.Alcohol ... more >




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Specialist laboratory test. 

Parameter: Alcohol [%] 

Method, device: Distillate density measurement, oscillation-type density meter

OIV standard: OIV-MA-AS312-01A 

Type of products examined: wine/cider/beer and other liquor.

Sample volume:500 ml

The research report is issued in the English language.


Alcohol content is one of the most important parameters of alcohol products. It is worth learning it: 

- if you want to indicate all the parameters (professional characteristics) of homemade liquor; 

- if the fermentation stopped and it is recommended to restart it;

- if you are obligated, for example as a winery, to include such a parameter on the label. 


The test allows determining the alcohol content in volume percentage, calculated as a number of units of volume of clear alcohol included in 100 units of volume of the product, in the temperature of 20°C. We test the alcohol content in distillate using an oscillation-type density meter according to the OIV-MA-AS312-01A standard. 

The alcohol content in wine should be between 8.5% and 18%.


Provision of samples:

The test samples can be delivered in person to the company’s showroom in Łódź (it is possible then to choose the parameters tested and make payment on the spot) or sent by mail / courier service to the address 93-373 Łódź, ul. Pryncypalna 125, with a note saying ‘LABORATORIUM’. Additionally, please include with the package the description of samples and analyses selected (confirmation of order and payment via the Browin online store). Samples sent by mail/courier should be put into a clean, neutral container (e.g., after pure mineral water) and well secured in order to reach the laboratory safely.

Completion time:

The service delivery time is related to the number of ordered analyzes and the current laboratory occupancy and is up to 7 days.


We issue VAT invoices.


Please note: The samples sent are stored for 2 weeks and then disposed of. Any presumptive doubts need to be reported within that period.


Every country has its own legal regulations governing the manufacturing of ethyl alcohol, wine products, and spirits, introducing them onto the market, and regarding sanctions for non-compliance.


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Alcohol content measurement

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