Measurement of L-lactic acid content


Specialist laboratory test.Parameter: L-lactic acid [g/L]Method, device: Enzymatic method, automatic wine analyser (spectrophotometric).OIV standard: OIV-MA-AS313-25Type of products examined: wine/beer.Sample volume: 10 mlThe research report is issued in the English language.In wine, lactic acid may... more >




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Specialist laboratory test. 

Parameter: L-lactic acid [g/L] 

Method, device:  Enzymatic method, automatic wine analyser (spectrophotometric).

OIV standard: OIV-MA-AS313-25 

Type of products examined: wine/beer.

Sample volume: 10 ml

The research report is issued in the English language.


In wine, lactic acid may appear naturally from certain fruit, but in most case it is a product of malolactic fermentation. This type of fermentation is employed mainly for red wines or wines with excessive acidity after finishing the alcoholic fermentation.


In beer, lactic acid plays an important role, imparting a sour taste and influencing the balance of some beer styles. However, its level is very important, and in too high a concentration it is considered a disadvantage. The lactic acid aroma is typical of stout and strong top-fermented beers.


Provision of samples:

The test samples can be delivered in person to the company’s showroom in Łódź (it is possible then to choose the parameters tested and make payment on the spot) or sent by mail / courier service to the address 93-373 Łódź, ul. Pryncypalna 125, with a note saying ‘LABORATORIUM’. Additionally, please include with the package the description of samples and analyses selected (confirmation of order and payment via the Browin online store). Samples sent by mail/courier should be put into a clean, neutral container (e.g. after pure mineral water) and well secured in order to reach the laboratory safely.


Completion time:

The service delivery time is related to the number of ordered analyzes and the current laboratory occupancy and is up to 7 days.

We issue VAT invoices.


Please note: The samples sent are stored for 2 weeks and then disposed of. Any presumptive doubts need to be reported within that period.


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Measurement of L-lactic acid content

Measurement of L-lactic acid content ['wine test', ' wine evaluation', ' wine analysis', ' lactic acid', ' lactic fermentation']

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