Browin Przepiśnik - Homemade scalded white sausage

Homemade scalded white sausage

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White sausage is not just holiday food – try your hand at it and make your own sausage at home. This gives you the indisputable certainty that the products used for making it are of the best and tastiest quality, as it is you who decides what will be inside. Our suggestion is a scalded sausage, which can be served with horseradish, mustard or chard.

How to make white sausage ?

Recipe for homemade scalded white sausage


Rinse the casing well before use to get rid of any preservative salt, and then leave them to soak in water at about 30°C for 20 minutes.

Mince the shoulder and fatback/bacon in a mincer using a plate with mesh size of 8 and 10 mm. Mince the beef at least twice using the plate with smallest mesh size, then add cold water to it and knead it thoroughly until gruel is formed.

Combine all the meat portions together, add the seasoning and knead thoroughly. Once you have prepared the meat filling, stuff the casings with it to form sausages - this will be greatly facilitated by a sausage stuffer.

Leave the raw sausage to dry for an hour (preferably by hanging it in a cool, airy place).

Afterwards, scald the finished sausage for 20 minutes in lightly salted water with bay leaves, allspice grains, marjoram and a clove of garlic to enhance the flavour, at 80°C (it is important not to boil the water). Sausages prepared in this way can be eaten straight away, but are also suitable for roasting, frying or freezing.

... because homemade is better!