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Smoker box is a device designed for cold and warm/hot smoking in all types of smokers.​ The use of a smoke box ensures the excellent quality and efficiency of the smoking process. Its assembly an... more >







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Smoker box is a device designed for cold and warm/hot smoking in all types of smokers.​ The use of a smoke box ensures the excellent quality and efficiency of the smoking process. Its assembly and operation are simple, therefore it will not cause any difficulties for users. 
  • Made of stainless steel - the material used to make the box ensures its reliability, durability and resistance to corrosion and various weather conditions.
  • Well-thought-out design - which allows for easy assembly and disassembly. The use of an innovative foldable two-piece nozzle additionally ensures easy cleaning of the device.
  • Capacious tube - which allows you to place approx. 450 g of smoking wood chips of each type in the box (we recommend wood chips of 8-12 mm, as they allow you to obtain the best smoke effect). This amount of wood chips allows for several hours of smoking, without the need to add more. 
  • Pump with the power of 4W and the maximum capacity of 2 x 4.5 L/min - the pump allows for smooth adjustment of the air flow, which allows for precise adjustment of smoke generation and its density and enables avoiding over-acidification of products.
  • Easy assembly - the box can be easily assembled in any type of smoker. This operation is facilitated by the assembly chart included in the instruction manual.
  • Cold smoking option - the use of the smoke box enables cold smoking, which is useful especially in the processing of fish, aged cheese and cured meats. 

Advice - which method of smoking to choose? Smoking methods:

• cold smoking 

• warm/hot smoking 

• smoking with roasting (characteristic for BBQ [barbecue]) 

Cold smoking: It usually occurs at temperatures of up to 25⁰C and takes from several hours to 14 days. Depending on the needs, the appropriate smoke density is used. Typically, its flow speed should be within 6-15 m/min. This smoking method is mainly used for products that are to be stored or matured for a long time, as smoke penetrates the product deeply and preserves it slowly. Smoked products subjected to this method of treatment dry evenly. Cold smoking also gives an excellent result with long maturation. 

Warm/hot smoking: Smoke used to treat products has the temperature of over 25⁰C. There are two upper temperature limits here - warm smoking in the temperature of up to 45⁰C, and hot smoking with the temperature of up to 60⁰C. In the case of hot smoking, products can be roasted in the smoker, by increasing the temperature in the smoking chamber even to 80-90⁰C. 

Smoking with roasting: In case of roasting, the smoke box can be disconnected and the product can be subjected only to the temperature. 

Regardless of the type of smoking you choose, remember that this is the final process, and its basis is the proper preparation of the products for smoking and very good drying before smoking (or final drying in the smoker). This is the key stage that has a positive effect on the quality of smoked products and prevents their acidification.

Caution: Remember to place the smoke box nozzle, through which smoke is fed to the smoker, so that the oblong hole in the nozzle points downwards.

Set the tubes so that the cutout is aligned with the tab - then we can be sure that the tubes are inserted correctly.

Clean the smoke box after each use, so that it is fully ready for the next use. Failure to clean the smoke box can result in poor smoke flow.

The set includes: 

- Lid with a wooden handle

- 304 stainless steel smoke box cylinder

- Electric pump 4 W

- Two-piece smoke box nozzle consisting of smoke tube and air tube

- Silicone hose dia. 5/4 mm, 210 mm long

- Tripple connector for hoses

- Silicone hose dia. 5/4 mm, 820 mm long

- Adaptor for connecting hoses

- Silicone hose dia. 8/5 mm, 100 mm long

- M8 stainless washer - 4 pcs

- M8x40 stainless bolt - 2 pcs

- M8 stainless nut - 2 pcs

The set may include a black or green pump (sent at random).
Despite the slight differences, the pumps perform the same function and do not affect the quality of use of the set.


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9.9 cm

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Smoker box with a pump

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