Rye sourdough with seeds - 24 g


Advantages of the use of sourdough:– better digestibility of bread,– delicate taste,– crisp crust,– more attractive colour of bread,– rich crumb,– longer freshness ... more >







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Advantages of the use of sourdough:
– better digestibility of bread,
– delicate taste,
– crisp crust,
– more attractive colour of bread,
– rich crumb,
– longer freshness of bread.
- for 500 g - flour

Recipe for 750 g of bread with rye sourdough with seeds.
Ingredients for bread: 350 ml of lukewarm water, 350 g of wheat flour type 500-750, 150 g of rye flour type 720, 1 package of Rye sourdough with seeds, 3 table spoons of rapeseed oil or olive oil, approx. 2 spoon of salt, 0,5 spoon of sugar. 

Oven: Kneed dough from the above ingredients until lump-free, so that dough comes off the dish. Set aside for at least one hour under cover in a warm place, so that dough doubles its volume. In the meantime, put a bowl with water to a warming up oven, thus making bread have a crisp crust and moisty crumb. Bake in the preheated oven for about one hour at 200⁰C.

Bread maker: Add the above ingredients in provided order to the maker bowl and set the basic program (BASIC) to obtain a moderately brown crust. Bread will be ready after approx. 3 hours.
ATTENTION! Do not add flour. The dough should be sticky.

Ingredients: dried rye sourdough 33,4% (milled rye products, barley malt extract, starter sourdough culture) with seeds 33,3% (sunflower 15%, linseed, black cumin 6%), yeast 33,3% (dried yeast S. cerevisiae, emulsifier: sorbitan monostearate).

Not for direct consumption.
Store in a dry, cool, shaded place.
The product may contain trace amounts of mustard, celery, sesame, soybeans, gluten, nuts.

Rye sourdough with seeds - 24 g

Rye sourdough with seeds - 24 g

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