Modular still 18 L Munin convex


Munin - the name of one of the ravens of Odin, the highest of the Ace gods. Munin means 'Memory' therefore you will remember the effects of this distiller for a long time.Munin convex modular still is a new version with a pot with a domed cover, changed location of the temperature reading from the c... more >







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Munin - the name of one of the ravens of Odin, the highest of the Ace gods. Munin means 'Memory' therefore you will remember the effects of this distiller for a long time.

Munin convex modular still is a new version with a pot with a domed cover, changed location of the temperature reading from the container and coating of the column.

Munin modular distiller:

  • Cooler with 2 sedimentation tanks - a still module which separates the heavier fractions, undesirable in the final distillate, and enables it to be enriched with volatile compounds and essential oils.
  • Suitable for fruit- and grain-based stills - the Munin distiller is ideal for flavoured drinks.
  • A complete, high-quality kit made of stainless steel - When you buy the Baldur 18 L modular distiller, you get a high-quality distillation set that will last for years.
  • Column filling included in the price - the set includes copper prismatic springs and stainless steel filling; their use has a beneficial effect on the taste and aroma of the final product.
  • Compact size - the compact still is approx.72 cm high and can easily be placed on a hob or under a cooker hood.
  • Coating of the column eliminates heat loss - it enables to carry out the process at a lower ambient temperature.

This modular distillation system was created in order to meet the requirements of the most demanding customers. Thanks to the applications of standardising connections and innovative system elements, this system can be used as a basis for configuring various types of stills. The modular assembly allows expansion or different arrangement of the system. 

The kit includes:

Container - made of stainless steel.

Structural characteristics:

- capacity - 18 L

- 2 handles for moving around

- 5 snap buckles

- a hole for the thermometer probe in a wall of the container

- rigid domed cover with a hole for column assembly

- suitable for all types of cookers.

The new, conical shape of the container cover allows possible foaming of the setting or mash without the risk of contamination of the column and its filling. The dome shape also increases the stability of the whole column, even with high stills, which also increases the stability of the entire distillation process. The new form of the cover is inspired by the classic alembic of "swan neck" type, which is an eye-pleasing detail.

Changing the location of the thermometer hole in the container ensures greater control over the temperature of cooked substance inside the pot - this is important not only in the distillation process but also during grain mashing, pasteurization or even heating food.

250 mm column connector - made of stainless steel.

The connector may perform the function of a catalytic filter, as it enables using a filling that increases the purity of the distillate obtained. The best effect is achieved when using prismatic copper springs. The task of the copper is to adsorb volatile sulphur compounds that provide the distillates with the smell of rotten eggs originating from hydrogen sulphide and have a negative impact on their flavour.

Structural characteristics:

- module height - 250 mm

- external diameter of the module pipe - 48 mm

- ending with screw connectors

- possibility of using a filling.

• Head with two sedimentation tanks and a cooler - made of stainless steel.

Sedimentation tank functions:

- securing against penetration by foam or batch transfers from the tank to the distillate collected.

- collecting heavier fractions that are undesirable in the final product.

The sedimentation tank also constitutes a space where the repeated simple distillation takes place. Such a solution enables obtaining purer distillate, while at the same time reducing the water consumption in the cooler.

Structural characteristics:

- cooling section height- 280 mm

- external pipe diameter - 48 mm

- module ending with a screw connection

- cooler in the form of a spiral, made of 8 mm pipe

- water connection – threaded 1/8” coupler for a hose valve/connector

- slot for a needle probe thermometer.

The kit also includes:

 Two electronic thermometers placed in a frame.

•  Long 5 m plasticized PVC hose – for connecting water, featuring a quick coupling than enables easy connection with a tap.

•  1 m silicone hose – for receiving the distillate, safe for use in contact with alcohol.

• 1/8 inch balls valves - 3 pcs.

threaded connector

• column attachment cover

screws for assembling the inspection glass - 4 pcs.

• gaskets - 2 pcs.

• screws and assembly nuts - 8 pcs. 

• stainless steel filling support

• prismatic copper springs - 1 pc.

• polyethylene coating of the column

• teflon tape

• user manual.

Kit width: about 72,3 cm

Water consumption during the process: about 10-12 L / 1 h.

Caution!: The distillation process must be carried out under supervision.


Every country has its own legal regulations governing the manufacturing of ethyl alcohol, wine products, and spirits, introducing them onto the market, and regarding sanctions for non-compliance.


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Modular still 18 L Munin convex

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