Modular convex still - basic kit


Our Browin basic modular convex still is a new improved kit with a convex container lid.This kit is a truly basic one that you can expand at will.Easy to use - the basic modular convex still kit is the best equipment even for beginner distillation enthusiasts.An absolute must-have in every home - th... more >







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Our Browin basic modular convex still is a new improved kit with a convex container lid. 

This kit is a truly basic one that you can expand at will.

  • Easy to use - the basic modular convex still kit is the best equipment even for beginner distillation enthusiasts.
  • An absolute must-have in every home - the still is a multipurpose device for production of distilled water and a wide range of alcohols and essential oils among other things.
  • A multipurpose 18 L pot is included - you can use that container not only for the distillation process but also for standard cooking of large portions of food or for boiling beer wort or large preserve jars.
  • For all types of mashes and batches - it is universal and can be used for distillation carried out using batches from different ingredients.
  • Upgradable - the basic convex distillation kit can be freely upgraded even to advanced Aabratek-type models.


This modular distillation system was created in order to meet the requirements of the most demanding customers. Thanks to the applications of standardising connections and innovative system elements, this system can be used as a basis for configuring various types of stills.

An expandable basic kit for beginners.


The kit includes:

• Container - made of stainless steel.


Structural characteristics:

- capacity - 18 L

- 2 handles for moving around

- 5 clamping brackets

- opening intended for a thermometer probe in the container wall.

- rigid dome lid with opening for column installation

- bottom suitable for gas, electric, and ceramic cooktops.

The new conical shape of the container lid allows for potential foaming of the batch or mash, without the risk of contamination of the column and its filling. The dome shape also increases the stability of the entire column, even with tall still, which also translates into increased stability of the entire distillation process. The new lid form is inspired by the classic 'swan-neck' alembics, providing an eye-pleasing detail.

Changing the position of the thermometer opening in the container gives you greater control over the temperature of the substance being cooked inside the pot - this is important not only in the distillation process but also when mashing grain, pasteurising or even heating food.


Still module - 250 mm column connector - made of stainless steel.

The connector may perform the function of a catalytic filter, as it enables using a filling that increases the purity of the distillate obtained. The best effect is achieved when using prismatic copper springs. The task of the copper is to adsorb volatile sulphur compounds that provide the distillates with the smell of rotten eggs originating from hydrogen sulphide and have a negative impact on their flavour. the connector can hold about 450 mL of filling, which can be purchased separately.


Structural characteristics:

- module height - 250 mm

- external diameter of the module pipe - 48 mm

- connector ending with screw joints

- possibility of using a filling.


Still module - Head with spiral condenser - made of stainless steel.

The condenser installed on the top of the distillation column increases the heat exchange surface. The application of a precision valve that adjusts the flow of cooling water results in quicker cooling and lower consumption of water during the process.

The head, installed in a simple pot-still system, will ensure obtaining exquisite liquor, also flavoured, either fruit-based or grain-based.


Structural characteristics:

- cooling section height - 280 mm

- pipe external diameter - 48 mm

- water connection - threaded 1/8” coupler for a hose valve/connector

- electronic thermometer slot


The kit also includes:

- two electronic thermometers installed in the frame. They enable direct and constant control over the process.

- 5 m plasticised PVC hose - for connecting water, featuring a quick coupling than enables easy connection with a tap.

- 1 m silicone hose - for receiving the distillate, safe for use in contact with alcohol.

- 1/8” ball valve 

- straight threaded connector

- gaskets - 2 pcs

- a set of mounting bolts and nuts - 8 pcs

- polyethylene lagging of the column

- PTFE tape

- user manual.


We recommend purchasing the following items separately:

• stainless supports for the filling

• prismatic springs

• alcohol meter 

• proofing parrot.


Kit height without thermometer: about 92.5 cm

Consumption of cooling water: about 22 L per 1 hour

Distillation time: about 1 hour per 1 L


Every country has its own legal regulations governing the manufacturing of ethyl alcohol, wine products, and spirits, introducing them onto the market, and regarding sanctions for non-compliance.


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Modular convex still - basic kit

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