30 L classic Convex still - 2 clarifiers


Immerse yourself in the world of fine distilling with our practical convex kit, offering not only exceptional quality and unique style, but also the ability to expand or swap components as your needs change.The 30 classic Convex still is a professional, modular still with an 30 L container, two clar... more >







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Immerse yourself in the world of fine distilling with our practical convex kit, offering not only exceptional quality and unique style, but also the ability to expand or swap components as your needs change.


The 30 classic Convex still is a professional, modular still with an 30 L container, two clarifiers and a condenser. It is a complete set made of high-quality stainless steel (INOX), intended for use on all types of cooktops.


The product is distinguished by the following features, among others:

  • High quality - made of stainless steel and durable plastic components, airtight featuring precision connections, and characterised by operational efficiency and durability.
  • Can be used on various heat sources - on an electric, induction, ceramic, gas or coil cooktop.
  • Two electronic thermometers included - providing precise temperature measurements during the distillation process.
  • High efficiency - the 30 L container makes it possible to distil a large volume of liquid (however, it is recommended not to exceed 90% of the capacity).
  • Complete set - the kit includes an 30 L container with a convex lid, a condenser with two clarifiers, two electronic thermometers with batteries included, valves for clarifiers, two hoses, a water supply connector, assembly elements, and a user manual.
  • Expandable kit - the container and lid are compatible with other distillation modules available from BROWIN.


The still is equipped with an 30 L container (with recommended filling level of up to 90% of capacity and not less than 25%), and a condenser with 2 clarifiers and 2 thermometers, allowing distillation to be carried out without any additional equipment. This kit is suitable for use on various heat sources. Two precision thermometers with probes facilitate temperature control – inside the container and in the clarifier. Plasticised PVC hose with coupling enables quick connection of water supply and drainage. The silicone hose is used for collecting the distillate.


The dome-shaped container lid (convex type) is an innovative design that ensures even condensation of the vapours, resulting in a distillate with excellent flavour and aroma. The shape of the lid allows for potential foaming of the batch or mash, without the risk of contamination of the column and its filling.

The dome shape, inspired by classic 'swan-neck' alembics, increases the stability of the entire column, even with tall still, which also translates into increased stability of the entire distillation process. The dome lid has only a main hole for mounting the column.


The application of stainless steel from reliable suppliers guarantees that your distillate will be of high quality - pure, free from contamination and unwanted aromas.

Our container is not only durable, but also easy to clean, so your distilling experience will always be top-notch.


The clarifiers enable producing a cleaner distillate with higher alcohol content. They perform several important functions, including preventing heavier fractions, which are undesirable in the final product, from entering from the container. They also constitute space where repeated simple distillation takes place, which enables obtaining purer distillate, while at the same time reducing the water consumption in the condenser.


Distilling has never been so easy! Our abundant experience, our drive to look for novel and improved solutions, and our focus on high quality all allows us to offer proven specialist equipment for distilling.

The container and lid are fully compatible with the distillation modules available from BROWIN - when you have this still, you can upgrade it with components such as connectors, refluxes, inspection glasses, condensers or even side receivers.



1.    30 L container with a dome lid

2.    Head - a classic condenser with two clarifiers

3.    Plasticised PVC hose with quick coupling for connecting water supply

4.    Silicone hose for receiving the distillate

5.    2 clarifier valves

6.    2 frame-mounted electronic thermometers with probe

7.    Accessories

8.    User manual



·       30 L container with an opening for the thermometer probe

·       (convex) dome lid with a silicone gasket and an opening for column installation

·       2 handles for moving around

·       5 clamping brackets

·       material: stainless steel

·       heat sources: an electric, induction, ceramic, or gas cooker, or a heating coil 

·       recommended filling: not more than 90% and not less than 25% of the container volume


Distillation unit

·        condenser with two clarifiers, made of stainless steel, screwed to the container

·       two 1/8” ball vales

·       plasticised PVC hose: 2 m

·       silicone hose 15 cm

·       PTFE tape for installing valves


Electronic thermometers

·       thermometer for reading the approximate temperature inside the container

·       thermometer for measuring the temperature of vapours inside the clarifier

·       2 thermometer frames

·       2 stainless steel probes with a 100 cm long cable

·       temperature range: from -50oC to +110oC Tolerance: +/-1oC

·       precision: 0.1oC

·       batteries for thermometers: 2 x LR44 (included)

Bolts and nuts for installation (4 pcs)

Water consumption during the process is about 24-27 L / 1 h.


Kit dimensions:

·       height: 71,5 cm

·       container diameter: 34 cm


Complementary products available in the Browin’s product range, to be purchased separately:

·       alcoholmeter for measuring the alcohol content in the distillate

·       proofing parrot


Before assembling the kit and starting to use it, read the accompanying manual carefully and follow the instructions, observing the principles of safe use of the product.


PLEASE NOTE! The device can be used by adults only. Never leave a working device unattended. Make sure that the device storage location is properly secured against access of children and unauthorised persons.



Please proceed in line with the recommendations provided in the manual. You should also bear in mind at all times that the container is made of steel. It requires maintenance and drying after each use. Lack of adherence to the recommendations of the manufacturer may result in damage to the product such as appearance of rust or discolorations.


Every country has its own legal regulations governing the manufacturing of ethyl alcohol, wine products, and spirits, introducing them onto the market, and regarding sanctions for non-compliance.


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30 L classic Convex still - 2 clarifiers

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