Electric smoker and smoke generator set


A perfect mutually complementary set of devices for warm, hot, and - thanks to the smoke generator included - also cold smoking. It is the best method for preparing aromatic dishes - delicious and without any preservatives.​All kinds of smoking -possibility of smoking food quickly and easily by mean... more >






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A perfect mutually complementary set of devices for warm, hot, and - thanks to the smoke generator included - also cold smoking. It is the best method for preparing aromatic dishes - delicious and without any preservatives.

  • All kinds of smoking - possibility of smoking food quickly and easily by means of the cold smoking method using the smoke generator, or by means of warm and hot smoking thanks to the high-power heater.
  • Efficient process - the power of the generator pump enables several hours of smoke production during the smoking process per single wood chip load added.
  • A complete set - you will find here all that you need for the smoking process: a fully equipped electric smoker, a smoke generator, and a sample of wood chips.
  • Easy assembly and operation - fixing the smoke generator to the smoker is easy and will not cause you any difficulty. All the elements required for the assembly are included in the set together with a user manual.
  • Additional benefits - by buying a complete set you save money. You pay less for the complete set than you would for the same devices purchased separately. Additionally, you do not need to worry about elements intended for fixing.

Smoking is a process that provides food with characteristic aroma, flavour, and colour. Next to improvement of organoleptic values, it is also a way of preserving food without using artificial preservatives. The set offered enables smoking using any method: cold, warm, or hot. Delicious meat, processed meat, cheese, and other meals are now within your arm’s reach. The set is easy to use and at the same time very efficient. The smoking process in our electric smoker with smoke generator is a great deal of pleasure. The set presented contains everything that you need in the smoking process. The smoker comes ready to use - it does not require assembly. However, prior to suing it fort the first time it is necessary to become familiar with the manual attached and place the individual equipment items in line with the schematic provided. The smoke generator does not require continuous supplementation of wood chips during the burning process. A full load is sufficient for several hours of smoking thanks to the application of a pump with power of 4 W and efficiency of 2 x 4.5 L, which is included in the set. The only thing left to do is to “make smoke” and enjoy the flavour of the food smoked.

Preparation of products prior to smoking:

- Curing or marinading - either method can be chosen.

- Draining and drying - can be carried out in home conditions, in room temperature, using a fan that will speed up this process. You may hang the products in a draughty location - it is important for them to be totally dry to the touch. The drying process may take from a few to over a dozen hours. After drying, do not put the products back into the refrigerator, as they may become humid again. After the process, move them to the smoker right away. You may optionally subject them to further drying inside (without using smoke) and then you can start smoking using the method selected.

Starting the generator and the smoker:

1. Attach the generator tube to the side of the smoker using blind rivet nuts. Place the smoke generator next to the side wall with blind rivet nuts. Then use the bolts included in the set for fixing, remembering to use one washer [9] per bolt from the side of the bolt head.

2. Place the nozzle wit the longitudinal opening in the openings of the generator tube with diameter of 20 mm in such a manner that the longitudinal opening is facing downwards.

3. Fill the generator tube with an appropriate type of wood chips.

4. Connect the pipe (in line with the generator manual) and set it to maximum air flow.

5. Once the pump starts working, put the lighter flame to the openings in the generator tube (to each opening one by one) until smoke starts getting out of the nozzle. The flame should be sucked into the openings, confirming that the pump has been connected correctly.

6. If you want to carry out warm or hot smoking, connect a heat source – turn on the heater in the smoker chamber.

7. The smoke funnel in the form of a slider, located in the rear upper part of the smoker, should remain open in order to ensure proper smoke circulation inside the smoker chamber.

NOTE: After each use the smoke generating nozzle should be washed with a detergent that removes scorching.

Smoking must be carried out under supervision.

Technical data of the smoker:

- Device dimensions: 50 x 35 x 71 cm

- Total power: 1600 W

- Adjustable smoking temperature

- Voltage: 220 V-240 V~

- Frequency: 50 Hz

- Watertightness: IPx4

- wall thickness: 0.8 mm

- capacity for: about 8 kg of sausage / about 6 kg of ham

- double walls of the door

- the smoker body enables installing a smoke generator 

- weight: 14 kg

Smoke generator technical data:

Pump with power of 4 W,

2 hoses with diameter of 5/4 mm and length of 210 mm,


Hose with diameter of 5/4 mm and length of 820 mm,


Hose with diameter of 8/5 mm and length of 100 mm,

8 stainless M8 washers,

4 stainless M8 x 40 bolts,

4 stainless M8 nuts.


49.7 cm

31.5 cm

72 cm

14.0 kg


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Electric smoker and smoke generator set

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