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​For smoking and baking - the woodchip-free electric smoker can also be used as an oven.Easy to carry and use - the size, weight and carry handle make the unit easy to move. You can easily take the sm... more >







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  • For smoking and baking - the woodchip-free electric smoker can also be used as an oven.
  • Easy to carry and use - the size, weight and carry handle make the unit easy to move. You can easily take the smoker with you on the trip.
  • Excellent air circulation - the cylindrical shape ensures better air circulation and more efficient distribution of hot air than in rectangular smokers.
  • Temperature control - the smoker has a 1100 W heater with a thermostat for temperature control. The temperature can be controlled on the built-in thermometer.
  • Safe to use - the smoker is equipped with a wooden grip that does not heat up during smoking. The included metal handle allows to safely remove the hot grate and the chip tray.
  • High-quality material - the smoker is made of good-quality stainless steel. This means your equipment will last for years.

A universal electric smoker made of stainless steel, allows for simultaneous baking with the possibility of giving the dishes a smoky aroma. You can smoke poultry and other favourite types of meat, fish and vegetables quickly and easily.
Smoking is a great way of preserving food, i.e. extending its expiration date.
It is a device that you can easily move anywhere or take with you on a trip. For smoking or roasting, all you need is an electric supply and possibly some smoking chips. The mobility of the electric smoker is facilitated by the handle finished with wood. This reduces the risk of burns even when handling a hot smoker.

PLEASE NOTE: all steel elements get very hot during the operation of the device, therefore it is worth providing yourself with gloves protecting against burns when using the smoker.

The electric smoker is equipped with a thermostat, which allows to set the desired temperature, suitable for smoking or roasting fish, meat or cold cuts. Operating the smoker is very simple, just plug it in and add wood chips if you prefer to get smoke.
During the smoking process, we can watch the food as the lid has a handle with a wooden grip that does not heat up during the operation of the device.
Please note! Before the first smoking, the smoker should be "burned out", that is, smoking process ought to be carried out without the use of food products.

Preparation of products before smoking:
Curing or marinating - you can choose any method.
Draining and drying - remember to thoroughly dry the meat before smoking. Poorly dried products may cause moisture to accumulate inside the chamber during smoking and cause the smoked products to be processed incorrectly.
The products can also be dried in the smoking chamber with the thermostat set to the minimum, without closing the smoker.
It is recommended to clean the device after each use. To clean the smoker it is recommended to use a small amount of water in combination with a mild detergent. The grates can be washed in the sink.

PLEASE NOTE! Before cleaning the device, disconnect it from the power supply!

Set contains:
- a smoker casing with an 1100 W electric heater
- power cord with thermostat
- a cover of the smoker
- 2 wooden grips
- 4 steel feet
- heater cover
- grate
- drip tray
-tray for wood chips
- metal handle for removing the grate and trays
- thermometer
- 15 M5X9 screws
- 15 M5 nuts

Technical data of the smoker:
- Body length: 45 cm
- Total length with a grip: 65 cm
- Body diameter: 25 cm
- Height between the grate and the top wall: 13.5 cm
Grate dimensions 23.5 x 40.5 cm
- Power: 1100 W
- Voltage: 220V-240V
- Frequency: 50 Hz
- Power cord: 170 cm
- Thermometer in the lid with a temperature range of 0-250 ° C
- Thermostat
- Material: stainless steel
- Weight: 5.2 kg

Please note!
Before use, read the instructions attached to the device and place the individual elements of the equipment in the smoker according to the diagram provided.


26.2 cm

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26.2 cm

5.16 kg

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Electric smoker, portable

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