Activated carbon - coal, mineral - 0.86 kg


Activated mineral coal carbon - 0.86 kg for 40 L, grain size 1.0 - 3.6 mm, adsorptive activity > 60%, for purification and adjustment of flavour and aroma of water and liquor​Flavour and aroma adju... more >






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Activated mineral coal carbon - 0.86 kg for 40 L, grain size 1.0 - 3.6 mm, adsorptive activity > 60%, for purification and adjustment of flavour and aroma of water and liquor

  • ​Flavour and aroma adjustment - activated mineral coal carbon ensures a high degree of purification.
  • Strongly porous structure – absorbs efficiently the substances having negative impact on the quality of liquid.
  • High quality - 1.0 - 3.6 coal grain size and adsorptive activity of >60%.
  • Delicate flavour, without any yeast aroma - appreciated by a large number of enthusiasts.
  • For 40 L of alcohol - a 0.86 kg packaging is enough for harmonising about 40 L of liquid.

Activated mineral coal carbon was produced for the purposes of harmonisation (adjustment) of flavour and smell of potable water and liquor. In comparison to activated coconut carbon, mineral coal carbon is not only more effective at absorbing substances having a negative impact on quality of liquids, but also allows retaining some of the mineral, making it possible to adjust and harmonise flavour and aroma. When compared to birch charcoal, coal carbon does not maintain the characteristic specificity of flavour and aroma of distillates.

The most important parameters for evaluating the usefulness of activated carbon are grain size and adsorptive activity, testifying to the absorbent capabilities of carbon - the higher the adsorption capability with a given carbon, the larger is the volume of pores and the greater the space for holding contaminations, which, in turn, means better capability to absorb contaminations from liquids, in the form of colours, compounds having impact on flavour and aroma, total organic compounds, and chlorine compounds.

Ingredients: activated coal carbon

Important characteristics:

- Weight 0.86 kg
- Grain size 1.0 - 3.6 mm
- Adsorptive activity >60%
- For 40 L of alcohol
- Delicate flavour, without any yeast aroma

How to use:
Before using activated carbon, soak it in distilled water for 24 hours in order to remove air bubbles. The principle behind using activated carbon is similar to that employed in standard water filters. The time of passage of 1 L of liquid through the bed should be at least 60 minutes (the effectiveness of absorption of unwanted substances depends on the duration of contact between the liquid and the absorbent material). Alternatively, activated carbon can be put into a nylon bag and placed directly in the container with the liquid purified for not less than 6 hours, which also requires systematic stirring.

Recommendations: In order to achieve the best results, it is recommended to cool the liquid down to about 10 °C. or dilute it to about 50%.

The rules of production of alcohol on the territory of the Republic of Poland are regulated by the following acts: the act of 2nd of March 2001 on production and bottling of wine products, trading these products, and organisation of the wine market, and the act of 18th of October 2006 on production of spirit drinks, their registration, and protection of geographical indications of spirit drinks. BROWIN Sp. z o. o. Sp. k. company is not liable for its products being used in a way that does not comply with binding provisions of the law.


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activated carbon

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activated carbon for alcohol distillation

Activated carbon - coal, mineral - 0.86 kg

Activated carbon - coal, mineral - 0.86 kg ['activated carbon', ' coal carbon', ' mineral carbon', ' carbon for distillation', ' carbon for moonshine distillation', ' distillation through activated carbon', ' activated carbon for alcohol distillation']

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