Turbo X-Pure 21.3% yeast, 50 L


From now on, the best is even better! We are introducing Turbo X-Pure 21.3% yeast, which makes it possible to achieve as much as 21.3% alcohol content in a batch - in a new, improved formula. This active, dried yeast with nutrients will provide a pleasant aroma, as well as better and faster attenuat... more >






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From now on, the best is even better! We are introducing Turbo X-Pure 21.3% yeast, which makes it possible to achieve as much as 21.3% alcohol content in a batch - in a new, improved formula. This active, dried yeast with nutrients will provide a pleasant aroma, as well as better and faster attenuation! The distilling world has the player it has always dreamed of - a powerful and extremely effective yeast for sugar batches.

The benefits you get from the new formula of Turbo X-Pure 21.3%, 50 L yeast:

  • Pure fermentation without unpleasant odour - no unpleasant smell during attenuation of the batch - thanks to specially developed nutrients, the amount of by-products affecting the resulting aroma is minimised.
  • Improved fermentation dynamics – One sachet of the Turbo X-Pure yeast will allow you to prepare 50 L of batch quickly and efficiently.
  • Great power – thanks to specially selected yeast strains with high resistance to alcohol and a suitably formulated nutrients, Turbo X-Pure ensures fermentation of up to 21.3% of alcohol content.
  • Greater safety throughout the process – the new formula ensures that fermentation is less likely to stop.
  • Ideal efficiency with sugar batches – this specially composed, improved yeast and nutrient mix ensures a smooth fermentation process and excellent yield, resulting in a high-quality finished liquor. 
  • Improved fining of the batch after fermentation – Thanks to the new Turbo X-Pure formula, you will be able to remove compounds that may have a negative impact on the final quality of your liquor more effectively and quickly. You do not need to use additional fining agents, which saves time and reduces expenditures. 


Please note! Follow the instructions on the pack for best results.

Recommended fermentation temperature of 20-25⁰C – it is optimal for yeast functioning, ensuring proper attenuation within a specific time. 


Here is Turbo X-Pure 21.3% yeast for 50 L – one of the stars in the highly regarded Turbo X-Pure yeast family. It is a perfectly matched amount of nutrients and distillers' yeast, which allows you to prepare 50 L of a batch with excellent flavour and aroma parameters. Pure power and outstanding quality of the finished product. With Turbo X-Pure, the fermentation process is fast, efficient and odour-free. Thanks to its high resistance to alcohol, the yeast and nutrient mixture employed sustains fermentation until 21.3% alcohol content (after approximately 14 days under optimum conditions).

Turbo X-Pure yeast is the first yeast on the market to ferment up to 21.3% alcohol content. 


Now Turbo X-Pure is presenting itself in an even more effective "version 2.0", as an improved blend of two highly alcoholising active distiller’s yeast strains and a properly selected nutrient that supports their growth. 

The reduction of fermentation by-products to a minimum has helped to ensure an even purer fermentation and has a beneficial effect on the aroma accompanying the process. You no longer have to worry about the batch spreading an unpleasant odour. The new formula also means even better dynamics and performance, while making the whole process safer - it ensures lower chance of fermentation stoppage and an easier way of achieving the desired results quickly with sugar batches. 


A single 250 g sachet of Turbo X-Pure yeast is sufficient for 50 L of batch. In order for the yeast to show the full extent of its capabilities, it is important to proceed strictly in line with the instructions provided on the packaging. 


How to use – a recipe for 50 L of batch:

Choose the fermentation option (see the table). Pour the first portion of sugar into the fermentation container and dissolve it in an appropriate amount of lukewarm water with temperature of about 25-30⁰C. Next, pour in the whole content of the bag and mix it in carefully. Subject the resulting solution to fermentation for the number of days specified in the table (according to the variant selected), in the temperature of 20-25°C.


For varieties with sugar amount of more than 14 kg (III and IV), add the second portion of sugar carefully after *24 and *48 hours, once the sugar concentration is about 12-14⁰Blg.


Tip: it is best to add about 100 g of sugar and wait for the foam to go down – then the rest of the sugar can be added. This will prevent batch spillage.

Note: The batch will foam! 


In order to achieve the best effect we recommend fining the batch once the fermentation is complete using the Klar Turbo Spirit agent. 

Alcohol [%]   
Sugar [kg]   
Portion (I)   
Portion (II)   
Water [L]   



Use a whole pack for a single batch. 

The sweet aftertaste at the end of fermentation is related to the glycerol produced by the yeast.



yeast, potassium phosphate, magnesium sulphate, calcium carbonate, magnesium oxide, vitamin B1.


Every country has its own legal regulations governing the manufacturing of ethyl alcohol, wine products, and spirits, introducing them onto the market, and regarding sanctions for non-compliance.


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Turbo X-Pure 21.3% yeast, 50 L

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